Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 8: Self-direction and learner autonomy

We are about to finsh. I am happy I've done something cool and learn many useful things. At the same time, I am sad. I am going to miss learning and discuusion. It is a very nice experience.

We started this week by welcoming our guest moderator, Jeff Magoto who shared discussion with us. He also, invited us to add an audio comment for the course. It was a nice experience.

Then I read two articles about learner autonomy and self-direction. I tried to discuss what I read while I was bussy completing my project plan draft. Then I send it to my partner, Hala with the checklist. We finished after struggling with memory, brain and some circumstances. However, thanks to dear Hala from Sudan she checked my plan and gave my constructive feedback which I am going to correct in the final report.

Regarding Learner Autonomy, I think it is a crucial element in the process of effective learning. Self directed students are more productive than other students who wait for others to spoon feed them. Like children, when we feed them, old people usually say, let them eat by themselves so they can learn how to write and won;t depend on you always. By this, you will help you and help them as well. The same with learners, if you spoonfeed them, they will enjoy eatning and finish eating, but if you give them the spoon and let them eat by themselves; that is to let them search for the information and try to teach themselves, they will benifit more.

I like to learn things by myself, and I like my students to learn by themselves.

All the best,

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  1. Dear Asmaa,

    many people here in this course share a feeling of sadness thinking about the end of this course which is getting closer and closer. But, we should not cry it's gone, we should smile it happened...

    I agree with you that learning is an individual process. I have always shared this idea, even if some people have tried to convince me I am wrong.

    All the best,