Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 6: Rubrics, Learning Syles and Alternative Assessment

This is the end of week six. During this week, we continue planning and preparing for our project.

on this week I read some nise articles about learning styles. I have attended some workshops about the same topic, but still reading about this topic is a big interest for me. By knowing our students styles we will be able to teach what suits our students and therefore make learning easy for them as well as making teaching easier for us.

I also work out the rubric using Rubistar. It was amazing. It was my first time and foru sure won't be the last. I am really learning things will make my life easy. Hope I can.

That's all in sort. I want to study. I'm having IC3 Test these days. It's still a busy week.

Wish all the best for all members in the course.


  1. Hello, Asmaa,

    I agree with you that knwing our students' learning styles is very helpful both for us and for them. We know how to address them, they understand us easier.

    I share your idea of the Rubistar - really helpful and nice to work with.

    I wish you good luck in your work,

    All the best

  2. Hi Asmaa,

    Lucky you! You started creating your project. I feel I missed a lot. I am trying to catch up. I hardly finished only two. I defended my PhD on Saturday. The Internet speed connection is "teasing?" me and I am suffering with moving between 20 tabs opened on my Firefox browser.Imagine!!!!anyway, like you, I found that learning about Rubistar was fun, but next time, I will create my rubric on Word then I will copy/paste into Rubistar. I had to re-do several times due to bandwidth disconnection.

  3. Hello Nadina

    Welcome to my blog and thank your for your post. Sure knowing our students'styles is very helpful. Actually, it is only the students who we need to know their styles, but also all people we deal with.

    Wish you good luck dear.

    All the best.

  4. Dear Hala,
    Thank you for passing and posting.
    It is really teasing when the speed connection is weak,but sometimes it teaches us how to be patient as my sister says. However, I can't afford it and prefer to stop working om the internet rather than wasting time and effort.

    Wish you all the best dear.

  5. Hi Asmaa!
    You are absolutely right!
    The only way to meet our students needs is by knowing their learning style and arranging activities and tasks that best suit them!
    But what a though job it is right?
    Thanks for sharing!