Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 10: Reflection and Overview:

This is our last week in th course. It is very ard to believe so. Ten weeks has passed quickly and we didn't feel it. This week we have finished everything and we are reflecting about the course.
we discussed the topics of the course.

It is hard to say that a topic is more important than others because honestly I benifit from all the topics and as I was reading I enjoyed what I read and I learned new things every time. I am really going to miss that.

Also I read the LoTI framework which was interesting. Then, I assessed my level of technology integration. I see myself in level 2 which is called Exploration. I am still exploring technology.

I hope to be in level 6 after applying what I learned in this coures.

Finally, I am very sad that the course is going to finish and happy I have learned a lot of new information and gain more experiences.

All the best,

Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 9: Online tools for enhancing learning

This week is full of events. In the middle of the week, we heard that a tropical cyclone called ( Phet ) is going to hit Oman and it did. We were worried, but it didn't come to Musandam where I live. It hit some areas in the east of Oman. When it left us, we returned to our normal life, so I completed my work.
This week is more practical. First, I submitted my final report for the project after editing it according to Hala's notes.
Then I created a class for my students. I intended to give the course for students who want to join the class during their summer holiday to improve their language proficiency and to develop their skills and be ready for the coming year.
Also we have discussed the role of using different technical tools in encouraging learners autonomy. It has a very essential role and makes our students love the course and therefore be more active and productive.
We are about to finish the course and I am really going to miss it, miss my partners and miss the new information I learn in the course. I will try to make use of all what I learn and tell my collegues in the school.
All the best.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 8: Self-direction and learner autonomy

We are about to finsh. I am happy I've done something cool and learn many useful things. At the same time, I am sad. I am going to miss learning and discuusion. It is a very nice experience.

We started this week by welcoming our guest moderator, Jeff Magoto who shared discussion with us. He also, invited us to add an audio comment for the course. It was a nice experience.

Then I read two articles about learner autonomy and self-direction. I tried to discuss what I read while I was bussy completing my project plan draft. Then I send it to my partner, Hala with the checklist. We finished after struggling with memory, brain and some circumstances. However, thanks to dear Hala from Sudan she checked my plan and gave my constructive feedback which I am going to correct in the final report.

Regarding Learner Autonomy, I think it is a crucial element in the process of effective learning. Self directed students are more productive than other students who wait for others to spoon feed them. Like children, when we feed them, old people usually say, let them eat by themselves so they can learn how to write and won;t depend on you always. By this, you will help you and help them as well. The same with learners, if you spoonfeed them, they will enjoy eatning and finish eating, but if you give them the spoon and let them eat by themselves; that is to let them search for the information and try to teach themselves, they will benifit more.

I like to learn things by myself, and I like my students to learn by themselves.

All the best,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7:

Week after week, we work harder.
I thought I won't be busy, but never I am.
However I am really enjoy working in the course and learning,
At the same time, I am sad we are about to finish!!

This week I didn't know how to choose a partner to work with me and check my report, but thanks to Deborah, I found someone.

During this week, I learned many new things about powerpoint.

There are steps to follow and tips to take in consideration. To be honest, this is the first time I read this topic. We usually hear things about that. It was very useful.

After reading it, I made a powerpoint and I tried to make it interactive one, so it can be more useful.
Sometimes, we see teachers who are proud and happy because they used powerpoint in their lessons and this is a part of technology, but when we see their work, it's a copy of their books. What use then??!!

I think all teachers should read such articles on how to make use of their powerpoint and how to make it interactive and all can learn from it.

When we buy things, we usually take the guarantee before we leave the shop to make sure it won't be useless. The same with our powerpoints; before we go to class and work with it, we have to make sure we have the guarantee and the guarantee here is to make it INTERACTIVE.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 6: Rubrics, Learning Syles and Alternative Assessment

This is the end of week six. During this week, we continue planning and preparing for our project.

on this week I read some nise articles about learning styles. I have attended some workshops about the same topic, but still reading about this topic is a big interest for me. By knowing our students styles we will be able to teach what suits our students and therefore make learning easy for them as well as making teaching easier for us.

I also work out the rubric using Rubistar. It was amazing. It was my first time and foru sure won't be the last. I am really learning things will make my life easy. Hope I can.

That's all in sort. I want to study. I'm having IC3 Test these days. It's still a busy week.

Wish all the best for all members in the course.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week5: WebQuest

Another week is about to finish. I am happy we are about to finish the school. Well we won't finish before the end of June, but our students will finish school and the work will be less. This week was full of events. However, I tried to finish my assignments because I am really enjoying the course and learning a lot from it.

After describing issues last week, I started late this week ( well, as usual), but hopefully this is the last busy week and later I will be able to finish earlier, I wish. This week I described some potential changes we would do in order to overcome the issues we described.
Most of the issues are related to MOTIVATION. I think if I could enhance students' motivation, I will get rid of most of the issues we face in our teaching.

After describing potencial change I would like to make, I searched to know WebQuest and how to make it. I read the given sites and looked at some examples. I found it difficult to be done and I think I need more time to think about it carefully, so I changed and wrote about technology enhanced project. I described how I am going to do my project and how can students work when they are doing a project and what they can learn during doing that. I got more convinced of the effects of using project and how it can be more useful after reading "less teaching more learning" article written by Susan Gaer. She described how can the use of project-based instruction motivate students to work more.

It is very useful and I will try to show it to my colleagues at school.

Thanks for the course we are learning a lot of new information which are useful and we are gaining experience.

Well, during this week I read some of the other membes' blogs and reply some of them. They are really doing a great job and they gave me a push to work more.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 4: Describing Issues.

What a wonderful work we are doing. I have a lot of things to do, but the course is very important and I have to work hard to do my assignments. This is the fourth week. We have to describe our target class and the issues we want to deal with. Also we have to complete our lesson plans for the same class. In addition, we have to do some readings. I have to read some articles about reading and writing skills. It provides more information and backgrounds about the topic. I think that this step is very omportant. we need it to be more organized in our work. So we can finish our projects easily. Also, we need to read more and more. Through reading I can gain more information and more experiences.

Wish I could submit my work before the deadline.