Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 7:

Week after week, we work harder.
I thought I won't be busy, but never I am.
However I am really enjoy working in the course and learning,
At the same time, I am sad we are about to finish!!

This week I didn't know how to choose a partner to work with me and check my report, but thanks to Deborah, I found someone.

During this week, I learned many new things about powerpoint.

There are steps to follow and tips to take in consideration. To be honest, this is the first time I read this topic. We usually hear things about that. It was very useful.

After reading it, I made a powerpoint and I tried to make it interactive one, so it can be more useful.
Sometimes, we see teachers who are proud and happy because they used powerpoint in their lessons and this is a part of technology, but when we see their work, it's a copy of their books. What use then??!!

I think all teachers should read such articles on how to make use of their powerpoint and how to make it interactive and all can learn from it.

When we buy things, we usually take the guarantee before we leave the shop to make sure it won't be useless. The same with our powerpoints; before we go to class and work with it, we have to make sure we have the guarantee and the guarantee here is to make it INTERACTIVE.


  1. Dear Asmaa,

    I liked your comment that you want to make sure that your product works before you leave the shop, so we need to be sure our PowerPoints are interactive. Creating it is just the beginning!


  2. Dear Asmaa,

    the interactive power-point presentations are great, both for us, and mainly for our students. I have created two presentations this week and I presented them to my students. They were more than delighted to work with them and they told me they learn better.

    All the best,