Monday, May 10, 2010

Week5: WebQuest

Another week is about to finish. I am happy we are about to finish the school. Well we won't finish before the end of June, but our students will finish school and the work will be less. This week was full of events. However, I tried to finish my assignments because I am really enjoying the course and learning a lot from it.

After describing issues last week, I started late this week ( well, as usual), but hopefully this is the last busy week and later I will be able to finish earlier, I wish. This week I described some potential changes we would do in order to overcome the issues we described.
Most of the issues are related to MOTIVATION. I think if I could enhance students' motivation, I will get rid of most of the issues we face in our teaching.

After describing potencial change I would like to make, I searched to know WebQuest and how to make it. I read the given sites and looked at some examples. I found it difficult to be done and I think I need more time to think about it carefully, so I changed and wrote about technology enhanced project. I described how I am going to do my project and how can students work when they are doing a project and what they can learn during doing that. I got more convinced of the effects of using project and how it can be more useful after reading "less teaching more learning" article written by Susan Gaer. She described how can the use of project-based instruction motivate students to work more.

It is very useful and I will try to show it to my colleagues at school.

Thanks for the course we are learning a lot of new information which are useful and we are gaining experience.

Well, during this week I read some of the other membes' blogs and reply some of them. They are really doing a great job and they gave me a push to work more.

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  1. Dear Asmaa,

    In many ways, it's not just student motivation that we need - it's teacher motivation. It's a lot easier to motivate students if we as teachers are also excited about what we are doing. That's why it's great that you are sharing the things that you are learning with your colleagues - it helps everyone!