Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 10: Reflection and Overview:

This is our last week in th course. It is very ard to believe so. Ten weeks has passed quickly and we didn't feel it. This week we have finished everything and we are reflecting about the course.
we discussed the topics of the course.

It is hard to say that a topic is more important than others because honestly I benifit from all the topics and as I was reading I enjoyed what I read and I learned new things every time. I am really going to miss that.

Also I read the LoTI framework which was interesting. Then, I assessed my level of technology integration. I see myself in level 2 which is called Exploration. I am still exploring technology.

I hope to be in level 6 after applying what I learned in this coures.

Finally, I am very sad that the course is going to finish and happy I have learned a lot of new information and gain more experiences.

All the best,

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